Thursday, February 13, 2014

Poem: Lost in a book

Lost in a book.
Insulated from the gentle hubbub around me.
Immune to the chatterers, the munchers,
the cheap headphones leaking driving drumbeats.
Lost in a story, swayed by the rhythmic rocking of my carriage.

Station names from the tannoy float over me like bubbles,
until one pops and like Pavlov's dog I rise.
Book closed, bag grabbed, join the queue.
The trudge of fellow commuters stepping out into fresh air
Snapping out of our journey's reflective reverie.
Finding ourselves at our destination.

My Random Musings


Unknown said...

Fab poem, Luke. I can totally relate to this, travelling on the train and metro here in the North-east of England. I tend to take a book so I can shut off from the hustle and bustle.


Cuddle Fairy said...

Commuting becomes a bit surreal. I haven't done it since I lived in NYC but it is strange to be part of the masses. Great poem - it says it all. #AnythingGoes

Silly Mummy said...

Great poem! I love the feeling of being lost in a book. I never seem to get to read without distractions (or at all) like I used to these days! #anythinggoes

Luke Strickland said...

Thanks Janet!

Luke Strickland said...

I secretly enjoy my commute, even though I'm travelling to work!

Luke Strickland said...

I know, so many distractions at home it's much harder to read...